First off, we would like thank everyone that stayed patience with us as we brought our ideas into fruition.

Roma pants and Oversized Terry

We are a new style brand. We are very personal with our ideas and creations. For each product we release, we envisioned it to be the missing final piece to your outfit. We love making standalone pieces because we understand that everyone is their own individual with their own style and that is why we strongly focus on building pieces that will not take away the original style of your outfit, but to only compliment it.

Roma pants and orversized natural terry sweater

We are very happy with the finalization of the pants and we are sure that you all will appreciate the quality and details we placed into each stitch and fabric.

We wanted to make a styled jogger that can be worn casually or dressed up throughout the four seasons of the year. It holds sporty qualities along with a clean, fresh and minimal look. The idea behind this collection was “luxe-bum”. We love the idea of versatility and comfortability and from the luxe-bum concept we created some pieces that really expresses this.

Roma Pants

The pants broken down:

  • Suede/leather drawstrings
    • Long strings that hangs around the knees
  • A pair of 7” RiRi Ruthenium zippers
    • Comfortable and not rough on hands
    • Ease to zip
    • Italy made
  • Ponte De Roma Poly for the top portion of the pants
    • Soft double side poly fabric giving a passive shine
    • Light weight and allows breathability during wear
  • Cotton thermal blend for the bottom portion of pants
    • Tapered legs and made to hug legs tightly
  • Unfinished bottoms
    • Clean sophisticated look
  • Drop crotch
    • Relaxed drop for versatility
  • Signature “A” Design
    • The A design is found on the front part of the pants and it is to made to be a part of the total construction.
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