Quick Strike or Nah?

We were thinking about releasing a limited amount of new hats named “3AMINNYC”. We are currently debating if we should keep these items exclusive vs creating a huge order and supplying the demand. This hat is set to release in the coming weeks… and we still have yet to decide of how we will handle this. I guess we will find out sooner or later.

The hat is creative yet simple; made for the sophisticated stylish male or female. We will be offering this hat in two colors: white and black. We envision this hat to be worn through all seasons of the year. Whether it’s paired with a t shirt during a summer night or a trench in the raining fall, this hat compliments all outfits and looks. The minimalistic idea of this unstructured hat is what makes it appealing; something that is creative, modest and different. What we value is what we know that is shelled inside our memories and if we remember everything we recognize our own values and others.

The thought of “I Remember Everything” can explain those blurred moments, weekends, summer nights, the shared laughter’s and violent arguments and all between. This is a powerful thought yet sensitive to each person’s perception. Everyone has their own vision to this thought when contemplating the different moments and vibes in their day.

Be on the lookout in the coming weeks!

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