ARSTS Joggers

Jumping into designing our first piece has taken longer than we have foreseen. From the origin of the idea to creating the sale piece is one long road of meetings, drawings, thinking and innovating. There are many reasons that drive the postponement of having a final sale piece. Here are some examples that we've experienced:  

  1. Ideas- Original ideas are never final, but always evolving and changing through the design process.
  2. Time- Schedules with the producer and design team will have conflicts; it is inevitable.
  3. Money- Idea changes and time loss is the formula to creating budget constraints.

It is a lot of pressure when thinking about designing and producing. Do you ever wonder why designers are always perceived so hard on their staff?

Well if you think about it, their pressure scale is always at its max! They think, design and create 4-20 (depending on how fast they can get their ideas together) weeks to meet 1 of 2 seasonal deadlines each year and before they are able to see it on customer’s bodies they are already deep into the next season’s collection.

Currently, ARSTS is designing and creating at our own pace. We do not want to get caught up in the whole seasonal thing as of yet. Now, we like to focus on creating pieces that our consumers can identify with all year around. You will grasp the idea once the pieces become available, if you don’t understand as of yet.

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