Do you remember the first time you were very excited to get dressed?

Wow, this question brings me back to the days of elementary. I believe it was fourth grade when my parents built enough confidence in me to dress myself for school. I remember when anytime I’ve gotten a new shirt, a pair of sneakers, a hat or even a pant or jean; I would be very excited to put together my outfit for the next day (usually Fridays). Thursday nights comprised of me staying up later to wash and iron the shirt or pant I needed so badly to make my outfit complete. Even though fashion or style wasn’t highly recognized by your peers in the fourth grade; the one or two compliments received during recess were very much appreciated.

When did you start feeling this euphoric high?

Euphoric-intensely happy or confident: (credits to

What started as excitement in elementary transitioned to my weekends during high school. Now that we have access to fake IDs, we are attending social events (e.g. night clubs and lounges) with people that are 5-10 years older. For these weekend nights, getting fresh was the only thing (for me anyways). Now the 1-2 compliments evolved into exponential admirable stares from an older generation. This feeling was worth chasing.

At this time music became a requirement whenever I got dressed for the night. Music is definitely a huge factor when picking and styling outfits. The mix of good music and fashion was the equation to experiencing a euphoric high. If you still don’t know what it is like to be in a state of euphoria; the next time you are getting dressed put on your current favorite song and turn it as loud as you can while you are getting dressed. You will notice it once you start to begin foreseeing your future and smiling because of the intense happiness you’ve created for yourself.

Why is this even a blog topic?    

Well when people ask us our purpose besides creating fresh, jiggy and dope clothing. We tell them this; we like people to experience euphoria when they wear our items. The knowing that they share the same vision as we do where many will not understand is mad dope. Who would have thought a year ago Americans or other cultures would be wearing Arabic text on their heads? A lot of people won’t do that, but for the people that are wearing our hats let us know there are people that share our vision. The vision of not caring about how we may be judged because that shit is dope! We are taking baby steps to introducing our culture to our customers. Fashion and style is art, creative and originates from within us. Walking into a night lounge with joggers and still having more confidence than that lawyer in his $2,000 suit is priceless. If he looks at you weird, he doesn’t see the visions…          

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