The Prototype

May 03, 2015

It is so much work into bringing a design to life. After solidifying the design and vision there is a process where a mockup of the final design is put together. This is where the process of picking fabric and color swatches, cuts, sews, zippers and other details come into play. The prototype process exists for any changes that are required to be made before the final sample piece is produced. This is definitely where most of the planning is completed.

Is quality important?

Quality is very important to ARSTS and our customers will definitely recognize the time and quality put into each of our products. We ensure that our items hold a level of quality that can be worn to all social events. We like to compliment the confidence of our customers with the quality and make of our products.   

When are we releasing the new products?

We are trying very hard to release these products very soon. We are making sure everything is made to our standards before making it available to you guys. Please follow our blogs and our social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram @arsts_) to stay updated! We would like to say in the coming weeks you will start to see remnants of our new products leak.  

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