Spelling it out: LEGENDARY LIVING

A lot of people asked us why Arabic text and not English?

Our answer is why not? We have nothing against the English text, but how many hats you’ve seen on people’s heads with English text? We wanted to step outside the box with this snapback since this was the first item our customers would be able to purchase. It was more of a statement piece for us. We wanted to experiment with people and read their responses to wearing a hat with text that is commonly referenced to terrorism in America. ARSTS is aimed towards customers that dress and lives with an open mind for fashion and style. We do not allow society’s rules and expectations blur our creativity and individuality. No filters for us, just jiggy shit...

The binary code that spells out “LIVING” associates directly with our technological background. The binary code in addition to the Arabic text differentiated our snapback from many others in the street wear community. We thought it would be very cool to have it blended with the color of the hat, so that “LEGENDARY” can stand bold independently from afar.

What does it comes down to when customers are purchasing the hat?

We believe our customers are purchasing this hat because of two reasons with the first reason being it is something different and second being the meaning of the hat. We want our customers to feel how we do with wearing our items; Legendary Living.       

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